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The undergraduate foundations course and the graduate level specialization course provide knowledge,skills and experience in both the education and economics aspects of the Global CarePac project. The Teacher education courses will build your knowledge and skills to teach our connection and regeneration curriculum to students grades 1-12. The Ecosocial Economies course develops adaptive intelligence for regenerative action.   Accessible, online, self-paced, and manageable units are designed for flexible participation with weekly participatory webinars.


The Global Connections Foundation Course introduces the Global CarePac project theoretical foundations and structure.


The Ecosocial Economies Course is a transdisciplinary course for for students across departments interested in engaging in regenerative careers, business and community initiatives.


The  Teaching Futures Course is for trainee teachers, community teachers and students in the Global Connections  Leadership Training (CLT) Program. 


  • 4 unit online undergrad level course ​

  • Weekly community discussion webinars on lesson topics

  • Build skills, knowledge and practical application experience of regenerative and community building principles. 

  • Graduate level online course with education or economics specializations

  • Weekly community discussion webinars and global cohort project teams

  • 4 day practicum at a regional Thriving Futures 2100 global location

Common Goals River 1

Common Goals River 1