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The partnership programs are designed to support and leverage the reach of both the Global CarePac project and the ecosocial organizations, schools, universities, communities, and businesses that inform and inspire us.


  • Join our partnership program to support and sponsor a community-connected regeneration scholar-practioner to participate in our 6 month and 12 month residential place and land-based Collaborative Leadership Trainee (CLT) program. CLT participants will learn to teach and develop our Thriving Futures programs to thousands of students at Partner Schools around the world and grow the Global CarePac network

  • CLT scholar-practioners (18-27 year old) are selected by partner ecosocial organizations as  comitted and experienced ecosocial, connection and regeneration scholar-practioners.

  • Partner univeristies connect CLT scholar-practioners with teacher education and undergradutate students through participation in the Ecosocial Economies and Teacher Training Programs, creating adaptive intelligence as effective action cohorts.

  • Ecosocial Business Partners sponsor and support CLT scholar practioners, inspire and inform the project, and promote the regenerative economy with their products and services.

  • Partner provided teaching materials will augment our programs, promoting ecosocial education and a connected, regenerative economy.

Ecosocial Partner

  • Connected,  regenerative, and land-defending partner organizations contribute skills, knowledge and experience to the project.

  • Select and support 2 paticipants (18-27 years old) each year in the 6 month or 12 month Collaborative Leadership Training.

  • Receive sponsorship and support from university and business partners.

  • Support a Collaborative Leadership Trainne and their communities to deliver our programs to over 10 000 students at over 60 schools and universities around the world.

  • Provide student school and university programs with inspirational stories, teaching resources and materials

  • Promote your ecosocial products and services through our thriving futures 2100 experiences and regeneration challenges.

$2 000 per year

Advertising Support Partner

  • Regional product promotion, branding, and event participation.

Education Support Partner

$4 000 per year

  • Regional trainee sponsorship

  • product promotion, branding, event participation.

Changemaker  Partner

$8 000 per year

  • Story and product integration in curriculum

  •  branding across all platforms

  • trainee sponsorship

  • product promotion and event participation.

  • Participate in the Thriving Futures kids, youth, teen and high-school programs.

  • Access our Adaptive Intelligence Teacher Education training courses, materials and team support.

  • Attend an annual Thriving Futures 2100 land-based experience.

  • Enjoy Support with all Thriving Futures 2100 Global CarePac Program Challenges.

  • Partner with a global class.

  • Support and participate in the Thriving Futures 2100 -5 year research project

  • Student enrollment in:

    •  Global CarePac Foundations

    •  Thriving Futures 2100 Economies

    • thriving Futures 2100 Education

  • Partner with, sponsor and support regenerative and land-defending Collaborative Leadership Trainees and their communities.

Schools - One Class Partner

All program materials, teacher training and support for a grade 1,4,7, or 10 class for three years 

$300 per year /class

For 3 years and

Global Experience 

participation. NIC School participation

Universities - Dept. and  student partner

Teacher Education or

Ecosocial Economies programs

$300 per course

GCP Foundations

Thriving Futures Economies

Thriving Futures Education


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