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The Global CarePac Collaborative Leadership Training is a full time 6 month or 12 month intercultural land and place-based residential program for students 18-27. Participants will develop the skills and knowedge to become connection and regeneration educators and organize effective community practices. Graduates of the program will have completed the Global Connections Foundation course, the Education Innovation trainee teacher Program, and have created and assisted at Global CarePac Education and Community Experiences (Europe/ Morocco/ SE Asia or/and Europe/Central America/ Canada). The program is a professional level learning opportunity and a life changing experience. Programming is in English and an optional ESL program is available . 


Training  Dates:


  • ​6 month or 12 month programs.  A full time online and residential land and place-based program.

  • Europe/ Morocco/ South East Asia 

    • September - February                            ​

  • Central America/Canada

    • March - August        

Internship Costs


  • Global CarePac Core Competencies   - 6 months  - $12 000

  • GCP Competencies & Specializations - 12 months - $24 000

    • includes training, courses, double occupancy accomodation, all meals  and travel costs on site

    • Scholarships and fundraising opportunities

Collaborative Leadership Teams

  • ​8-16 participants for each 6 month session

  • Ages 18-27

  • Balanced gender ratio

  • Global diverse teams

  • Programs in English

  • ESL-EFL Program included for second language speakers

  • Shared accomodation, double occupancy

  • Local, organic, omnivore or vegetarian meals

  • Expert and qualified instruction and support 

  • 4 online courses - self paced​

  • Wekly community discussion webinars on lesson topics

  • Build skills, knowledge and practical application experience of regenerative and community building principles. 

  • 40 hour teacher training program online and practicum at intern location

  • Full package of teaching materials and units for each required grade level

  • Online training & support for each unit


  • 8 day camino quest Experiences at 2 natural locations​

  • Thriving Futures 2100 School Program Experiences in Canada, or Spain/Europe

  • 2 x  2 week Thriving Futures 2100 Leadership Facilitation Experiences in Spain and Thailand or Canada and Belize.